Operating rule

Jewelry must be operated under conditions that exclude improper handling (various mechanical damages).

It is recommended to remove jewelry before going to bed, when performing any type of work (gardening, household, repair, etc.), when visiting the pool, bath, etc. When using jewelry, avoid contact with acids and alkalis (including detergents and detergents), substances containing chlorine, iodine, mercury, sulfur, as well as other chemicals (deodorants, perfumes, scrubs, etc.). avoid contact with water. Hollow chains and chain locks can fill with water and change color.

It is not recommended to expose jewelry to open fire and radiation that can harm the product. Do not allow mechanical damage or excessive friction of the product elements. Inserts made of natural and synthetic stones are quite fragile and can split from a sharp impact.

When wearing a pendant on a chain, pay attention to its weight. The suspension must not exceed 75% of the weight of the chain itself.

Rules for storing jewelry
Store jewelry in cases with soft padding inside. Do not store items in the same box, as they may scratch each other. Do not leave jewelry near the batteries or in the bathroom.

Amethysts, topazes, pearls and other natural inserts lose their color intensity under the influence of ultraviolet rays. They should be stored in a dark place.

Tips for jewelry care
If you frequently wear jewelry, it is recommended to clean it once every 2-3 months.

Contaminated jewelry can be washed in a soap solution with ammonia at the rate of 5-10 drops per glass of water, then rinse them with clean water and dry. Products with turquoise, opal, coral, pearls, mother-of-pearl, amber, etc.should be washed in cold water.

Dark plaque from silver products is removed with a special solution or by cleaning them with dental powder.


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