About us

The Baltic gold company was founded in 1998 in Kaliningrad. From the first day to today, we do not change the direction chosen at the beginning of the journey –to convey to our customers the unique beauty and uniqueness of natural colored stones.

The special philosophy and recognizable jewelry style of Baltic gold has kept many fans interested for many years. Gold and silver serve only as a delicate frame for delicious natural stones. Our jewelry organically combines the best traditions of classic jewelry and original textured design. Special attention should be paid to a new design direction – a collection of silver covered with black rhodium and gold.

Baltic gold jewelry is purchased by those who love and admire the beauty of natural stones. There are more and more such connoisseurs every year. For many years, our craftsmen have been arousing interest and creating a taste for jewelry with warm Sunny amber, mysterious jade and amazing turquoise.

The Baltic gold company is a regular participant of international jewelry exhibitions in Russia. Experienced managers, based on sales statistics and the specifics of the region of a particular buyer, will always help you choose a product and offer favorable terms of cooperation to Russian and foreign trading partners.


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