Jewelry trends fall/winter 2020-2021

Autumn has long come into its own, and everyone is interested in trends in jewelry and costume jewelry in the 2020-2021 season.

What accessories do well-known brands think you should pay attention to, and what is better to leave until better times?

Unusual shape. This trend is worth starting with, as the surreal jewelry image is the main focus of the season. Large and unusual shapes, sinuous lines, asymmetry-the main theme of a truly stylish image. Dior, Fendi, Alexander McQueen unconditionally obeyed this rule.

Pearls are always right. It would seem that to discuss the classics? But the designers breathed new life into the mother-of-pearl. Let's leave the traditional pearl thread in the box and take a closer look at unusual jewelry interpretations. Large pearls of irregular shape «Baroque», artificial pearls of hypertrophied sizes in beads, pearls woven into chains and, finally, colored pearls — trends that rule the ball in the cold season.

Chains always and everywhere. This fashion trend has not faded for several seasons in a row. But if in the summer you could afford frivolous massive beads-chains made of bright plastic, then woolen autumn-winter require metal. Then there is complete democracy. If you want, make multi-tiered compositions of thin chains with an incredible number of pendants, if you want, focus on a single large chain-a necklace.

chains have settled everywhere: on earrings, bracelets, bags, shoes, glasses. It's hard to go too far here. Alberta Ferretti, Saint Laurent and Moschino laminated this hit.

Symbols and slogans. Miniature diamond crosses on an almost invisible chain have become a real must-have accessory for our and foreign stars. Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Ksenia Sobchak, Alena Shishkova are only the smallest part of the fans of a minimalistic accessory that perfectly combines both a religious symbol and impeccable minimalism. But designers don't stop at the classics. Dolce&Gabbana weaves numerous crosses into bracelets, while Gucci creates long chains and hangs giant dark-colored cross pendants on them.

fashion for smart accessories has reached its peak. The General trend is — «no!» boring and mundane. Expressing yourself and your beliefs through jewelry is an indisputable rule of modern times. Will we follow?


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